The survey results praised the Library's customer service and information seeking guidance
What kind of feedback was given from customer service, library courses and self-study spaces? During April the library will publish a series of articles about the results of the customer survey. The series will detail the survey results through different themes and describe the measures the library is taking to improve its services.

”Appropriate and fast reactions, thank you!”

During the exceptional situation in 2020, customers used the library's online services a lot. Almost 28% of the respondents had also used the pick-up service for printed materials in Kaisa House. The library received much praise for providing Helsinki University students with access to printed materials even while the library was otherwise closed.

During the autumn the most popular way of contacting the library was visiting the library's customer service desk (32% of the respondents). Most of the online customer contact happened through email (17% of the respondents).

The library's in-person customer service got good feedback once again, and online customer service was also considered both important and successful. However, there was room for improvement in the findability of different service channels.

I think that it has been great and very useful that many of the services have moved online or can be done remotely.

During the spring of 2021, the library will expand the selection of online service channels it offers and also improve their visibility and findability on the library website.

”I would like to see more spaces for individual study or for individuals to attend online classes/web meetings”

The library’s role as a learning environment was considered important, but there was also some room for improvement. Freeform feedback highlighted the effects of the exceptional situation: longer opening hours were widely wished for. The library’s studying facilities, which were closed during the exceptional situation, were missed by customers. Wishes for different kinds of facilities for different needs (quiet, loud, group work) also emerged from the freeform feedback.

The library aims to open its self-study facilities when restrictions concerning the coronavirus situation allow. The development of the library’s facilities is an ongoing process, which is evaluated based on both customer feedback and the degree of utilization of the facilities.

”Support from the staff was excellent and the zoom discussions very useful”

Information seeking guidance was deemed successful. During the spring of 2020, the library moved its information seeking courses and other guidance online on a tight schedule.

Both contact teaching and webinars held over Zoom got a lot of positive freeform feedback. There was room for improvement in the findability of the information seeking course selection. Some respondents also wished for the option to watch recordings of the webinars afterwards. There was also some feedback regarding Zoom and it being a heavy program to use.

The library aims to improve the findability of information seeking courses and recorded webinars. The library will also consider the online tools used during the courses; how accessibility can be achieved and what kind of environmental impact the different tools have.