Stacks and reading areas out of use at Kaisa House 2nd floor

Sprink­ler sys­tem re­pair work will move to a new area on the 2nd floor of Kaisa house. Most of the floor is closed off until early July.
Sprink­ler sys­tem re­pair work in Kaisa House from 2021 to 2022

The sprinkler system will be repaired in stages on all floors of Kaisa House. The entirety of the repair work will take about 12 months, until the summer of 2022.

The floors of Kaisa House will not be closed completely, but the areas under repair will be closed off from the rest of the library. The staircase in the middle of Kaisa House might be out of use for short periods of time, but at least one elevator will be available at all times.

The library’s stacks, studying spaces and group working rooms will be temporarily out of use as the project advances, depending on which floor and area the repair work is carried out at any given time. The stacks will be protected with coverings, which means they cannot be accessed during the repairs. However, some of the text books from the 3rd floor will be moved to the 2nd floor while the repairs take place in the text book stacks during July 2021.

You will find more detailed information about the renovation and its progress in Kaisa House on the library website.