Safer Space Principles in the Library

The library strives to create a safe and sincere atmosphere where participation is possible for everyone, regardless of background.

Helsinki University Library adopts safer space principles in the library premises and all events organized by the library.  

The safer space principles have been created together with our student community in workshops held in Kaisa House and campus libraries during the autumn semester of 2023. Our customers have also been able to contribute to the principles by answering an online survey. 

The safer space principles can be found on the library’s website, and they are also displayed in the library’s common areas, group study rooms and toilet facilities. Anyone booking or renting the library’s facilities for their own events also agrees to the safer space principles.  

The Library values diversity

Helsinki University Library values diversity. It is important for our studying and working community to be an environment where learning and participation is possible for everyone, regardless of background or personal characteristics.  

- The library premises are important and popular meeting and working places at the university, and everyone is welcome to use the library's facilities and services. Through these safer space principles that we have created together with our customers, we want to ensure that we meet each other on equal ground in all situations, says University Librarian Minna Niemi-Grundström.

- With the principles we want to emphasize the inclusivity of library services and create a framework for appropriate behaviour in both physical and digital library spaces. 


Responsible interaction

The entire university community is needed to build an inclusive and considerate working and learning culture. A safer space is created or broken in everyday interactions, the quality of which we ourselves can be largely responsible for.  

The library's safer space principles are part of the university's equality and diversity work and the theme of responsible interaction, which aim to create a safe and sincere atmosphere at the university and to prevent discrimination, harassment and inappropriate behaviour.