Research data management (RDM) basics, autumn 2022

Learn the basic concepts and best practices of research data management. The Data Support at the University of Helsinki organizes RDM basic lectures online during autumn 2022.

The Data Support at the University of Helsinki organizes Research data management basics lectures via zoom during the autumn 2022. The first lecture will be on September 29th 2022 at 12-14. See the whole schedule on our website. The lectures with the same content are aimed for researchers, students and UH personnel.

The lectures will go through the following topics: what is data, ethical & legal compliance, data documentation, storing solutions by UH IT Services, opening, publishing and archiving research data.

The primary language of the online lecture will be English. Help and instructions are also available in Finnish. Lecture on November 9th 2022 10-12 will be completely in Finnish.

Please, enroll to the lectures in Suffeli (direct links are available on our website).

If you have any question concerning the lectures, please contact: