Reading tips for the holiday season

Check out these reading recommendations by the library’s intern!

Christmas and New Year are drawing nearer. The end of this exceptional year is a good time to settle down with a good book or a journal. The library offers a lot of interesting reading for the holiday season!  

Eemeli Anttila, who’s been interning at the library during this fall semester, has compiled some reading recommendations to cheer us all up at the end of the year.

The Marketization of Religion (link to book in Helka)

The number of plastic trinkets and disposable products is especially staggering around Christmastime. This theological article collection considers the commercialization of religion. What effect does global capitalism have on religion? Can the holy be sold? 

Lähikuva (link to journal in Helka) 

Screen (link to journal in Helka) 

What could be a better holiday activity than watching movies?  If you wish to deepen your movie knowledge, these film research publications are sure to help you on your way.  

Poetry and Animals: Blurring the Boundaries with the Human (link to book in Helka) 

What is it about animals that attracts poets? How is the line between humans and animals drawn in poetry? You’ll find the answer to these questions in this exploration of English-language literature.

Permanent Weekend: Nature, Leisure, and Rural Gentrification (link to book in Helka)

How about a permanent weekend at the peaceful countryside? Predictions about urban sprawl have emerged also in Finland. This work takes a critical look at rural gentrification in Ontario, Canada. What happens when tourism and other service industries replace the traditional livelihoods of the countryside?

BioOne (link to database)

Nature doesn’t rest, not even during the holidays,. This is why we find nature fascinating all year round. This database offers peer-reviewed journals on environmental science and biology among others.