Reading tips for the day of Minna Canth and equality

On March 19 we celebrate Minna Canth and equality - check out what the Library has to offer on these subjects!

Every year on March 19 we celebrate Minna Canth and equality. Minna Canth was a Finnish writer, journalist, entrepreneur and social activist. Canth's life's work has significantly impacted the development of equality in Finnish society. 

Below you will find books and articles on Minna Canth, but also on equality and diversity in general. 

The many faces of Minna Canth

Accounting, gender and history: the life of Minna Canth, 2009 (link to Helka database)

Minna Canth is most often thought of as a writer, but she was also one of Finland's first women entrepreneurs. The themes of women’s everyday lives, business and literature were all present in Canth's life in an exceptional way. This article examines Canth’s bookkeeping and correspondence in the 1880s. 

Herkkä, hellä, hehkuvainen : Minna Canth, 2014 (link to Helka database)

This book by literary scholar Minna Maijala highlights the contradictions between Canth's public image and private life. In their book Maijala looks at Canth as an individual, not just as a representative of the women’s movement. 

Kirja, muutosvoima, 2019 (link to Helka database) 

This collection of articles discusses literature's impact on society and its power to change the course of history. Various forms of literary art are considered one of the prerequisites for societal well-being and equality. Literature has the potential to teach us all understanding, ethics, and responsibility. 2019, the year the book was published, was the 175th anniversary of Minna Canth's birth. 

Making Sense of Minna Canth, 2011 (link to Helka database) 

This article on literary research considers realism in Minna Canth’s texts. The article especially examines the plays Murtovarkaus (The Burglary) and Anna-Liisa.

Monisärmäinen Minna Canth : kirjoituksia hänestä ja hänen tuotannostaan, 1998 (link to Helka database)

Experts from various fields examine Canth’s writings, work and life from different perspectives in this compilation book. The themes range from film and television studies to law.  

Toiselta kantilta : Minna Canth liikenaisena, 2004 (link to Helka database)

This book details Minna Canth's career as an entrepreneur through her published letters, numerous corporate archives and other sources of economic history. 

Books about equality and diversity

Eriarvoistuva maailma - tasa-arvoistava koulu, 2018 (link to Helka database)

This book addresses the current situation of equality in education in both primary and higher education, and seeks to highlight its shortcomings. Although in many respects Finland is considered a model country for equality, discrimination still takes place on the basis of, for example, gender, sexuality, skin color, age and social class. 

Gender Inequality and Welfare States in Europe, 2020 (link to Helka database)

Gender equality has been one of the key political goals of European welfare states. The advancement of this goal has been slowed down by both political opposition and existing disparities in equality, for example in matters concerning family policies. This extensive work brings together different perspectives on the impact that policies have on the advancement of gender equality. 

The Gender-Sensitive University, 2020 (link to Helka database)

This work highlights the importance of gender equality and gender sensitivity for the future development of higher education. Authors from different fields of study point out various disparities in equality in academic environments. 

Muuttuva sukupuoli : seksuaalisuuden, luokan ja värin politiikkaa, 2015 (link to Helka database)

This book examines different social norms and forms of inequality that affect our lives. The assumptions of heterosexuality and whiteness prevail in our culture and the book challenges us to question them.