Queer reads to brighten up the end of the year

November is Queer History Month - check out these gems from the library!

The first Queer History Month in Finland took place in 2018. The idea is to make visible the history and cultural heritage of gender and sexual minorities. 

The library's role as a safe environment for the queer community is remarkable. LGBTQ+ Librarianship in the 21st Century is a work that compiles the thoughts of library professionals, researchers and activists concerning the library's task in furthering equality and creating diverse information environments. You can access the book in helka database by following this link.

The library has a wide selection of queer-themed reading, such as the following biographies and historical works. 


The autobiography of a transgender scientist (link to book in Helka) 

Transgender scientist Ben Barres writes about his lifelong interest in science as well as his gender correction process and his life as a trans man. Barres has actively participated in discussions concerning gender equality in the science world. 

Tomorrow will be different : love, loss, and the fight for trans equality (link to book in Helka)  

Transactivist and polician Sarah McBride's autobiography describes her pioneering work and activism for equality and the rights of LGBTQ minorities. In November 2020 McBride was elected as the first transgender state senator in the history of US. 

Tarja Halonen: Erään aktivistin tarina (link to book in Helka) 

Biography of president Tarja Halonen, the chairperson for the University of Helsinki board, who has had a long career in activism and non-governmental organizations. Halonen has also been influential in shaping Finnish queer history by working as the chair for the LGBTI Rights in Finland organization (SETA). 

Queer History  

Sateenkaari-Suomi : seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöjen historiaa (link to book in Helka)

A comprehensive work about the history of gender and sexual minorities in Finland from the 1600's. The book considers LGBTQ themes both from a social and cultural-historical standpoint. 

Sukupuolen sotkijat : queer-kuvastoa sadan vuoden takaa (link to book in Helka) 

This striking visual work airs out gender norms and takes a fresh look at Finnish visual culture of a hundred years ago. Helsinki Art Museum HAM also hosted an exhibition based on this book during 2019-2020.  

Global encyclopedia of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) history (link to book in Helka) 

A work that presents a global review of queer history by detailing historical events and developments in LGTBQ rights, and displaying photographic material from almost 70 countries. Hundreds of researchers and editors have taken part in compiling this publication. 

Transgender history : the roots of today's revolution (link to book in Helka) 

A review of transgender history in the US from the 1950's until today. A work that details historical events and the work of communities and activists, and also pays attention to the ways in which transgender people have been depicted in popular culture throughout history.