Please follow safety instructions and library rules

The library would like to remind you about safety precautions and the use of premises according to library rules.

Take the instructions seriously and be prepared for situation to change quickly. The library follows the recommendations and regulations of the University of Helsinki, the Finnish State, the University Central Hospital (HUS) and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Remember physical distancing, good hand hygiene and using a face mask during your library visit

Follow the instructions concerning the coronavirus situation displayed at the library. About half of the reading and working places and the customer computers are in use. Places meant for keeping safe distances are marked. Follow the safety markings and do not work in the safety-marked areas.

By taking care of yourself you also take care of others. Only visit the library when you're healthy. Please take good care of hand hygiene and use a face mask. Keep adequate distance from other customers and library staff.

Instructions for library users at the coronavirus situation

Library rules also apply during the exceptional situation

Instructions for use of the premises are summarised in the library rules.

During the exceptional situation the library's group study rooms and designated phone areas in particular have been reserved for private reading spaces against the library rules. This complicates the use of library facilities for other customers, so please follow library rules even during the exceptional situation and use the facilities according to their intended use.

  • The library has designated phone areas and booths which are meant for making calls. Do not reserve a phone area as a personal reading or study space.
  • The group study facilities in the University learning centres and Helsinki University Library can only be reserved by the University students and staff. The facilities are meant for group study – you may not reserve them for your personal use, public meetings or teaching.

All instructions for use of the premises on the library website: Library rules