Openly available Ukrainian textbooks support revitalised language teaching

A revised edition of textbooks, compiled by Ukrainian language teacher Päivi Saurio, is available in Finnish and English.

The textbooks Ukrainian I A & B and Ukrainian II & III, written by Ukrainian language teacher Päivi Saurio, have been published during the summer and autumn in the Helda Open Books collection of the University of Helsinki. The language teaching materials, which include textbooks and audio recordings, are available in Finnish and English:

The new textbooks support the renewed interest in studying Ukrainian at the University of Helsinki. The Ukrainian studies were discontinued two years ago, but now three Ukrainian language courses are offered. In addition, a teacher has been appointed to the post of University Lecturer in Ukrainian and Russian.

Päivi Saurio, who started as a Ukrainian language teacher in the 1980s, says in an article in Helsingin Sanomat that the renaissance in Ukrainian language teaching has brought her back to work twice since her retirement.

The Ukrainian textbooks are used in the University of Helsinki's Ukrainian language courses, in adult education centres and summer universities for both online and face-to-face teaching. These textbooks are in their third, revised edition. The books were originally published in 2009.

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