Open repository Helda will be out of use in mid summer

There will be breaks in the University of Helsinki Open Repository Helda 23.6.-24.7.2023.
Open repository Helda will be out of use 23.6.-24.7.2023
  • From 3 July 2023 onwards, there will be a break in University of Helsinki Open Repository Helda for about a week. During the break, Helda materials cannot be searched or accessed. Helda's material cannot be used via Helka or the university's research portal during this break.
  • From 23 June to 17 July 2023 there will be a data transfer break to Helda. The open access publications and theses will not be transferred from University of Helsinki research system and E-thesis service to Helda repository.
  • You can still submit your thesis for review in the E-thesis system during the Helda break. Publications stored in the University's research portal and E-thesis database will be available in Helda after the break.
  • The University of Helsinki Research Portal (Tuhat) and E-thesis (University of Helsinki open theses) will operate normally throughout the summer.

During the break, the software and interface of Helda will be updated. After the updates, the University of Helsinki Open Repository Helda will ensure better visibility and discoverability of the University of Helsinki's open access publications, as well as easy access to them.

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