Open Access Week - 10th time already!

Open Science Afternoon 2021 was the Helsinki University Library´s main event for the International Open Access Week 2021 and 10th anniversary for week´s celebration. Also the Helsinki University Open Science Award was again granted at Open Science Afternoon.
The Main event at Think Corner

The event "Open Science Afternoon – Open Data Matters!" was held on 29th October 2021 at Think Corner and Online. The main speakers were Postdoctoral Researcher Antti Karkman (University of Helsinki) and Doctoral Candidate Matias Heino (Aalto University). The video Molecular Clusters was introduced by Ivo Neefjes from the University of Helsinki. The Helsinki University Open Science Award was also granted at Open Science Afternoon.

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The award was granted to two nominees

University Librarian Kimmo Tuominen and the Director of Luomus Aino Juslén, granted the award 2021 on behalf of the jury. The jury had decided to grant the award to two nominees, who both represent long-term grassroots work in enabling and promoting the use of valuable research data. The award was given to the Language Bank of Finland, and especially its Donate Speech data, and to research coordinator Kati Lassila-Perini’s work in utilising the open data of particle physics in research and education. 

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10th time already!

It was already 10th time the Helsinki University Library organized event during the International Open Access Week. From the year 2017 on, the event has been called "Open Science Afternoon". Also University of Helsinki Open Science Award was introduced for the first time in 2017.

Open Access Week: Years 2012-2021