New University Librarian takes the library into a close dialogue with the university community

Minna Niemi-Grundström, FL, took up the position of University Librarian at the Helsinki University Library in mid-August 2022.

Before joining the University of Helsinki, Minna worked as a special researcher at the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication at the University of Tampere from 2019. Earlier in her career, she has also worked as a part-time project manager for the library's operating model reform at the University of Turku Library (2020-2022), as the Library Director of the University of Tampere (2013-2018) and as the Library Director of Tampere University of Technology (2011-2013).

Prior to that, Minna worked for more than 10 years as Head of Development and Head of Information Management, Quality Management and Operations at Nokia Corporation (2000-2011). In addition, Minna has been actively involved in the development of the library and information sector in national and international steering and expert groups.

Customer insight and new partnerships propel the university library into the future

The role of the library is constantly facing new expectations as the environment changes.

- The library has a long tradition of providing digital services and now, with the experience of the pandemic, we see that the social aspect and community are also becoming more important, both in service development and in the services themselves," says Minna Niemi-Grundström.

- In university libraries, we are involved in reforming the way science is published, promoting openness in research and developing the capacity of students and researchers to embrace new ways of working. New technologies, new ways of working and new service concepts require renewal and learning also within the library," Minna adds.

Minna Niemi-Grundström, as University Librarian, believes that a strong understanding of customers and building new forms of cooperation and partnerships will ensure that the library can continue to provide appropriate services for the needs of a multidisciplinary university. The library will promote dialogue between disciplines and the university community as a whole, and will contribute to strengthening the conditions for the university to become an internationally renowned university of learning.

- The services provided by the Helsinki University Library are of high international quality and the Library can rightly be considered a pioneer in the reform of scientific library services. The library staff's expertise, development skills and pro-innovation attitude have enabled the library to expand its range of services, while at the same time ensuring the continuity of core activities such as a wide range of information resources and multi-channel customer service," says Minna.