Library website redesigned

Shortcut to all books, journals and databases acquired for university community by the library. Library services on all four university campus.

A new version of the Helsinki University Library website will be introduced on August 22nd, 2019 at the familiar address

Helka search and all Library services on one site

All Library services are available on the new website.

The Helka search, encompassing the digital and printed books, journals and databases acquired by the Library, will remain the main focus. Helka customer data can be accessed by logging in on the front page of the Library website.

The site can be navigated by library services, facilities and collections. Services can also be browsed by individual Library location (campus libraries and learning centres). Accessibility and special services are described by Library location.

Services provided to University researchers are separately grouped. For services that require logging in with University of Helsinki credentials, further details are often available through Flamma links.

Courses and field-specific guides to support information retrieval

The Library’s online learning materials and courses that involve contact instruction on information retrieval for students and scholars are available under the Courses and workshops sections of the new website.

Links to field-specific research guides have been added to the website. The Library’s information specialists have compiled important sources of information and other essential material under each field-specific guide to support information retrieval by members of the University community.

Browsing by field-specific guide will no longer be available on the new website.

The new Helsinki University Library website is part of the University’s site. The site search function (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner) searches all the content of the site.

Follow Library-related news

On the news page, you can follow news concerning Library acquisitions, events and facilities.

If you wish to receive Library news to your email, you can subscribe to the HULibNews newsletter, published a few times per year.


We have repeatedly trialled the website in the planning and development stage on both Library customers and staff. We at the Library are happy to continue to receive your feedback on the redesigned website, which is continuously developed further on the basis of analytics, test results and feedback.

Feedback can be sent directly by email to

National Library breaking from Helka

In conjunction with the introduction of the new website at Helsinki University Library, the Helka database is undergoing changes as the National Library of Finland is breaking from Helka.

All books and journals in the collections of the National Library will be removed from Helka on 24 August 2019. They will be searchable in the National Library Search from 2 September 2019 onwards.

Read more about the changes at the National Library of Finland on the National Library website.