The library reminds about unpaid fees on October 17, 2023

The library sends a reminder of unpaid fees to prevent them from expiring.

The library sends a notice about unpaid fees on Tuesday October 17 to all Helka customers who have outstading overdue fines. The debt expires in three years unless reminded. However, there is no hurry to pay the fees, as they can be paid either during the next library visit or online.

Online payment requires logging in to Helka. You can log in to Helka with the email address to which the reminder was sent. The students and staff of the University of Helsinki log in to Helka with their university user account.

When paying at library locations, it is good to note that cash payment is only available at the main library, Kaisa House. Card payment is possible at all locations.

For questions related to unpaid fees, you can contact the library customer service via email at or by phone at 02941 23920.