Library launches anniversary celebration with the power of knowledge

Kaisa House turns 10 this September. Helsinki University Library invites the academic community to join the anniversary celebration – with the power of knowledge.

The University of Helsinki’s main library in Kaisa House first opened its doors to students and other patrons on 3 September 2012. The 10-year history of Kaisa House and the 10th anniversary of Helsinki University Library, overshadowed by the pandemic in 2020, will be celebrated at the library throughout the academic year 2022–2023 under the theme of ‘With the power of knowledge’.[KE1]

- I am so pleased that the library in Kaisa House has succeeded in attracting students and other information-seekers for the past decade. And the visual appearance and facilities of the University’s campus libraries have been improved over the years. Although textbooks and research literature are increasingly read online, the learning environments offered by the library remain attractive as they provide opportunities to collaborate and work side by side, says Director of Services Kirsi Mäenpää, who is responsible for learning services and facilities at Helsinki University Library.

- After two quiet and perhaps lonely years of remote studying, we wish to celebrate the University of Helsinki’s collective powerhouse of knowledge. Studying collaboratively and using shared resources energise all of us. I’m proud that the library and its resources are open to one and all. It’s a prime example of sustainable and responsible operations, certainly worth celebrating, she adds.

The new academic year will be welcomed in on Monday, 5 September, at the City Centre Campus with the traditional opening carnival, which will now also take place in the entrance floor of Kaisa House. The library will participate in the carnival, organised by the Student Union, by inviting new and returning students to take part in activities including an escape room game.

A celebration of open research, teaching and learning

This September also sees the launch of a new podcast, Avoimella otteella (‘An open approach’), produced by Helsinki University Library. The first season of the podcast features interesting current and former members of the University community, who will talk about their open-access publications and the significance of open-access publishing for their research careers.

The first guest will be Chancellor Emeritus Thomas Wilhelmsson. He will explain why the truth about the Finnish university reform was more complicated than the simplistic critiques offered. Wilhelmsson’s book Yliopistouudistus: tarkoitus, toteutus ja tulokset (‘University reform: Purpose, implementation and results’), is openly available from the Helsinki University Library’s Helda service.

The anniversary will also be marked in the day-to-day activities and events at Kaisa House and the campus libraries throughout the academic year 2022–2023.

- I’m happy and excited to begin my term in the position of university librarian as the library celebrates its anniversary, and to have the opportunity to develop customer-oriented and advanced library services for the future needs of the University community. Our services accompany each stage of academic life. We invite the whole academic community to join our celebrations, exclaims Minna Niemi-Grundström, who took up the position of University Librarian in mid-August.