Libraries to reopen at Viikki Campus on Friday, 1 October

The redesigned Viikki Campus Library has 350 study and work spaces for students and other members of the University community. You can watch the Library’s live stream at 9:45 on the morning of the opening day.

The extensive alterations at Viikki Info Centre Korona have reached a stage at which the renovated libraries in the building – the University of Helsinki’s Viikki Campus Library and the City of Helsinki’s Viikki Library – will be reopened to the public. The temporary pop-up libraries will be closed on Thursday, 30 September.

The opening will be celebrated on Friday, 1 October, as of 10.00, after which the libraries will also be opened to the public. You can watch the Helsinki University Library’s live stream on the opening day, Friday, 1 October at 9:45.

The shared customer service desk of the two libraries is located in the middle of the entrance lobby. The study and work spaces in the entrance lobby of the Viikki Campus Library are intended for collaborative work, attending remote lectures or using the self-service point to collect reserved items or to check out and return items.

“The opening hours of the Viikki Campus Library have been extended. Study spaces and self-service functions can now be used on Saturdays as well,” says Kirsi Mäenpää, director of services responsible for facilities and customer service at Helsinki University Library. “Although the top floor has been relinquished, the number of seats available has increased.”

The open space on the second floor is intended for independent work and study. Electric desks are reserved for working, and members of the University community have access to workstations, in addition to which standing and seating areas as well as armchairs and sofas are available. There is a total of 16 group work facilities that can be booked.

Course literature, e.g. textbooks, can be found on the entrance floor, as before. Publication series, reference books and books classified by discipline are available on the second floor. The collection of newspapers and journals is located in the basement, which also features group work rooms and quiet reading areas.

The Viikki Campus Library primarily serves the disciplines represented by the Viikki faculties: biological and environmental sciences, pharmacy, agriculture and forestry, and veterinary medicine.

Oppimistori (‘Learning Plaza’) and a UniCafe cafeteria and café will be opened in the redesigned Info Centre later in the autumn. The Viikki Info Centre Korona building has been under refurbishment since spring 2020. The works will continue in the upper floors of the building until 2022.

Safety Instructions

Follow the instructions for the corona situation displayed in the library. The safety of our customers and staff is important to us.

  • Each customer is responsible for following these safety instructions in all Library premises.
  • Wearing a protective face mask is required on library premises, unless there are no other people present. You can get a face mask from the building’s porter for free, or buy one from the library’s customer service.
  • Keep adequate distance from other customers and library staff. Please do not rearrange the furniture so that distancing is not possible.
  • Please take care of hand hygiene.
  • Only visit the library when you're healthy.
  • Use disinfectant towels to clean shared devices. You can get disinfectant towels from library’s customer service or from the building’s porter.