Keenious, an AI-based search tool in trial

AI-based search tool, Keenious, analyses the text you select. There will also be a presentation of the Keenious app for university staff on 4 April 2023 at 14-16.
Keenious - An interesting addition to the information search toolbox

Keenious, the artificial intelligence app purchased by the library, works in a new way: you do not have to think of search terms, you start with the text that interests you. Once you have found an interesting source - or written it yourself - you can use it as the basis for your search.

Keenious analyses the text you provide (pdf, url, text), tells you what topics it covers and searches hundreds of millions of publications for sources on the same topic. You can also customise the results list: set a time limit, emphasise a topic or add new ones. Keenious works in almost all languages, but you get the best results with English text.

Log in with UH credientals and try Keenious at: You can also save your searches after logging in.

Library's guide to using Keenious:

Keenious will be available at the University of Helsinki at least until the end of August, 2023.

Please, read more about Keenious presentation on 4 April 2023 at 14-16 in Flamma news (requires logging in with an UH user account).