Introduction to Open Science: November 13 and 20

This webinar consists of two independent parts and it´s targeted to researchers, teachers and support services at the University of Helsinki. The emphasis is on open publishing.

Introduction to Open Science

A webinar by Helsinki University Library

The purpose of the two-part webinar is to give a basic introduction to open science, especially open access publishing. We will discuss basic terminology of open science, why open science is important, what are the central features of open access publishing and how one promote open access in teaching. The open access services of the Helsinki University library are introduced as well. The emphasis is on open publishing – research data management and opening data is discussed in the courses and workshops of Data Support.

The webinar consists of two independent parts, 1.5 hours each with 30 minutes for discussion and questions. You can attend only one lecture, but it is recommended to attend both of them to get a basic understanding on open science. There is no pre-registration.

Vol. 1. Friday, November 13 10.00-12.00 am

Vol. 2 Friday, November 20 10.00-12.00 am

Target groups are researchers, teachers and support services, but anyone interested in University of Helsinki is welcomed to join in. More information including passwords and links to the meetings can be found in Flamma intranet [link to Flamma, logging in with UH account needed].