HULib Welcomes New Students!

Course books, other literature and working spaces you may need in your studies. You'll find them all in your nearest campus library.

You'll get all the course books and other literature you may need in your studies in Helsinki University Library. The Library also offers working space for both independent and group study. There's a wireless eduroam network in all campus libraries.

Where's the library?

Helsinki University LIbrary has a campus library on all four university campuses:

You're also welcome to use the two learning centers in the city center: Aleksandria ja Minerva. In the learning centers you'll find more reading space, group work rooms and computers to work on.

Check the opening hours at the library website.

Welcome to your library, we are here for you!

What can I do in the library?

In the library you can, for example

  • read and work on your assignments
  • check out course books and other literature
  • co-operate with your peers in the group work space
  • print and scan, if need be.

All course books in Helka

The entire e-book collection acquired by HULib is available for you once you've activated your university IT services user account.

Helka Card is needed to check out and take home any print material. You'll find both electronic and print collections in Helka library database.

Looking for course books?


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