Helda Open Books published 66 new monographs in 2020

University of Helsinki's and Helsinki University Library's new publishing platform services, Helda Open Books and Editori, promote open monograph and journal publishing at the university.

University of Helsinki's open monograph service Helda Open Books, launched in autumn2019, had its first full year of operation in 2020. The HOB collection of open access monographs was increased by 66 new books and 55 parallel publications.

The 66 monographs published in the HOB collection as original publications are available to readers for the first time in electronic form. These include both scanned re-releases and born digital monographs. Among the new publications are four textbooks.

The second half of the HOB collection, a total of 55 monographs, consist of parallel publications, which were opened in the open access monographs project (Monografiat avoimeksi) by the University of Helsinki and university library.

Editori has six new open access journals

The Editori service for publishing open access journals is also included in the new OA publishing venue services offered by the Helsinki University Library. It was launched in spring 2019.

The Editori currently has eight open access journals, six of which joined the service last year: Language Under Discussion, LUMAT A and B journals, Neuropsy Open, Teknologia kemian opetuksessa (Technology in Chemistry Teaching) and the Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience.

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