Gale Scholar Lab will move to a new user interface, save your analysis by August 2021

Later this year, the Lab will move to a new user interface that will provide a more accessible and consistent experience across Gale’s research products.

Gale Scholar Lab will move to a new user interface in autumn and Gale will make enhancements to the Build, Clean, and Analyzeworkflow in response to user feedback and testing. These improvements include enhanced visualizations, refined tabular data outputs, and a redesigned advanced search page. The updates will improve the usability, reproducibility, and accessibility of the Lab and its research output. 

Content sets and clean configurations will migrate to the updated experience as part of this transition. However, Gale is  unable to migrate existing analysis visualizations and tabular data, given the nature of these enhancements. To ensure you retain your work, Gale suggests Gale Digital Scholar Lab researchers download and save their analyses by August 2021. There are multiple options for download, including raw analysis data (CSV and JSON) and several visualization image formats. 

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