Gale Primary Sources - new research opportunities and unprecedented outcomes

The Helsinki University Library provides access to many Gale Primary Sources Collections. In addition, several historical archives and Gale handbooks on trial until 31 July.

Do you need primary sources in English in your studies or research? The University Library has various Gale digital archive collections for research and studying. The collections include, among others, newspaper archives of The Times and The Economist, British Library Newspapers collection and broad collections of material from the 18th and 19th centuries. These resources support digital scholarship, especially in the fields of the humanities and social sciences.

A tool to facilitate learning and researching Gale's digital resources

Digital Scholar Lab is a tool for Digital humanities studying and research by Gale. The Digital Scholar Lab is a cloud-based platform that enables students and researchers with UH credentials to access content and OCR data from Gale Primary Sources and analyse these archives with text and data mining tools. One can create custom data sets from the archives available and use digital tools to analyse them. A few sample projects are provided for teaching and learning the different stages of DH research. With Digital Scholar Lab you can learn the basic methods of digital humanities, like creating and editing datasets, topic modelling and different visualizations. In addition, a learning centre within the tool offers instructional videos and texts on the various elements involved.

More information and the tips how to use Scholar Lab at the Digital Resources -guide.

Link to Gale Digital Scholar tool in Helka

Gale Primary Sources licenced by the UH:

  • 17th & 18th Century Burney Collection
  • 17th & 18th Century Nichols Collection
  • British Library Newspapers, part 1-5
  • The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2014
  • Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers
  • The Times Digital Archive, 1785 – 2012
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online – two modules
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online (two modules out of 12)
  • Indigenous Peoples: North America
  • U.S. Declassified Documents Online

All Gale resourses available for UH until 31 July can be found at: To access these resources you need to use OpenVPN hy-log in (not hy-tun).