Extended summer opening hours at Kaisa House between June 24 and August 16

As Aleksandria undergoes a semester-long renovation, the Main Library Kaisa House will offer space for studying later than in previous summers.

The library wants to offer students the possibility to work in the evenings also during the summer after the Learning Centre Aleksandria is closed for renovation. Unlike previous summers, Kaisa House will be open slightly longer from June 24: 

  • Mon-Thu 8-20 and Fri 8-18
  • Customer service Mon-Fri 10-18

In summer, the entrance to the library is from the main entrance on Fabianinkatu or by lift from Kaisaniemenkatu or the metro level. 

In addition self-study spaces will be added to Kaisa House during the summer. In particular, reading and working spaces will be added on the 2nd floor of Kaisa House. On the other floors, spaces previously used for other purposes will be modified for reading or group work.

Also note that the Kumpula and Meilahti campus libraries will be closed from June 17 to August 4. The customer service of the Viikki campus library will be closed from June 17 to August 11, but the library will be open in line with the opening hours of the building.

Aleksandria to be renovated during the academic year 2024-2025

Aleksandria will be open for the last time on Thursday 20 June, after which the learning centre will be renovated for the academic year 2024-2025. As the renovation progresses, updates will be posted on the Aleksandria website.

Aleksandria reopens after the renovation in summer 2025. Based on the feedback received, the development of the learning centre will continue after the opening of the new facilities. 

If you would like to give feedback about the development of Aleksandria, you can do so via the feedback survey