Data Anonymization Training on 23rd May 2024

The online training is for the University of Helsinki researchers. It deals with the data anonymization of both quantitative and qualitative textual material in a practical manner.
Data Anonymization Training 23.5.2024

When? Thursday 23rd May 2024 at 12.15-13.45

Where? In Zoom


This training session is meant for the University of Helsinki researchers and staff.

The training focuses on anonymizing research data in a pragmatic manner. It deals with the anonymization of both quantitative and qualitative textual material.

The training session organized by the University of Helsinki Data Support. The trainers are experts from the Finnish Social Data (FSD) Archive. 


  • Personal data vs. anonymous data
  • Anonymization of quantitative data
  • Anonymization of qualitative data

Finnish Social Data Archive experts Henna Juusola and Arja Kuula-Luumi tell us about anonymization by using practical examples.

Participation does not require prior preparation, but please read beforehand from the Data Management Guidelines section about anonymization and personal data.

The training includes teamwork on both types of material. All participants participate in both group work. You don’t need to know the right answers, so don’t worry, but it is good to discuss and think together. The following data examples are discussed in the groups:

Teamwork will take about 5-10 minutes per example. We recommend that you look at the examples beforehand. The training will be held in English.


The Data Support at the University of Helsinki

Data support is a joint service for researchers provided by the Helsinki University Library, the Information Technology Centre, the Research administration and legal experts. We organise training in data management and comment on the University of Helsinki researchers' data management plans.