Access to additional content of several publishers during June

Many international scientific publishers provide additional access to their licensed content until 30 June.

The list will be updated, last update 2nd of June, 2020.

As a rule, the access to these additional publications is only available during the pandemic emergency. As the timing of access may vary from publisher to publisher, Helsinki University Library does not list these temporarily open publications in the Helka database. To access these resources you need to use OpenVPN hy-log in (not hy-tun).

List of publishers granting additional access:

Restrictions on the usage have also been removed from some of the ebooks previously purchased by the library. For example:

Publishers' browsing services may experience slowness due to the increased number of users, so please try again soon if you are unable to access the material immediately.

Many international publishers have also compiled and offering open access to many corona virus related articles and books.

Literature for degree requirements in Helka database

As usual, the electronic and printed literature included in the degree requirements of the University of Helsinki can be found in the Helka Library Database.

You do not need a VPN connection to use e-resources in Helka.

More information

For any questions regarding the use of e-materials at the University of Helsinki, please use the chat at the library's website, or email the librarian at