Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE is a strategic tool of the University of Helsinki to nurture excellence and increase interactions in the area of life sciences. The HiLIFE Fellows program provides strategic competitive research support and integrates strengths across the life science campuses. HiLIFE Fellows represent outstanding life science area principal investigators at the University and will be instrumental in developing HiLIFE in its early days.

HiLIFE is now inviting applications for a three-year Fellow program from principal investigators or recent recruits of high international quality with proven recent scientific excellence. Fellows are granted with funding of 60 000 €/year, and the funding level is proportionate to affiliation share at the university. Up to 50 HiLIFE Fellows are nominated from three PI career stages: starter, consolidator, and advanced researcher.

Deadline for applications is April 23, 2017.
The funding is expected to initiate by June 2017.