Research Program in Cell and Mo­lecu­lar Bio­logy

The research of this program focuses on analysing basic principles of cell morphogenesis and dynamics as well as on elucidating the mechanisms by which specific processes form and function in highly specialized mammalian cells such as neurons.

The Program in Cell and Molecular Biology currently consist of seven research groups whose research interests range from intracellular cytoskeletal and membrane dynamics to the regulation of transcription and neuronal activity.

The research groups use mammalian and yeast cells as well as the C. elegans nematode as model systems in these studies. Furthermore, the program harbors a modern biological imaging center (Light Microscopy Unit) for advanced light microscopy studies on live cells.

Susanna Fagerholm
Hongzia Zhao
Minna Poukkula
Poukkula lab
Brendan Battersby
Cory Dunn