5 Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor Positions

HiLIFE is in the process of recruiting five tenure track ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR positions starting at earliest January 2017. The evaluation is expected to be completed by the end of the January 2017.

The successful candidate is expected to develop an independent externally funded line of research in current or emerging areas of life science including health, food, biological, and environmental sciences. Finalists must successfully complete an interview process that includes a research seminar and teaching demonstration. The positions come with an attractive startup package, and are initially for three to five years with a possibility for extension or tenuring following successful evaluation. All positions are shared between HiLIFE and one of the participating faculties.  The salary is negotiable within the framework of the University of Helsinki regulations.

We seek candidates with a doctorate degree and significant post-doctoral experience in current or emerging areas of life science and recent demonstration of excellence in research. For associate level recruitment significant achievement as a principal investigator is desired. The formal qualifications required for assistant professor are indicated below and in the general qualification requirements of the University of Helsinki.

Applications are currently being evaluated and include a motivation letter (1 page); a list of publications starting with five selected publications describing the key finding and applicants contribution; curriculum vitae including teaching experience (2 pages); a research plan (2 pages). Also letters of reference were submitted separately.

The evaluation proceeds by shortlisting of applicants by an Appointment Committee,  an external expert evaluation, and interviews.  The evaluation is expected to be completed by the end of the January 2017.

FURTHER INFORMATION: HiLIFE director, Professor Tomi P Makela tel:+358 2941 25500 e-mail: hilife-director@helsinki.fi)

The University of Helsinki is a leading Nordic life science university and an international academic community comprising 40,000 students and staff. With a critical outlook and a creative attitude, we are building a better future. The University provides international staff services to support for internationally recruited staff members and their family. Relocation advise, orientation, trainings and various other activities are provided to all staff to facilitate a smooth entry into our community. More...

Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE  is a new life science research institute forming an attractive international environment for researchers, and facilitating national and international partnerships in areas of research, infrastructures, and innovations as presented in brief on these pages. The university life science research institutes - Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, and Neuroscience Center - are included in HiLIFE as operative units.

HiLIFE operates primarily on the Viikki bioscience campus and within the Academic Medical Center Helsinki. HiLIFE activities are initiating with recruitments to HiLIFE Tenure Track positions, selection of HiLIFE Fellows and Programs, developing the HiLIFE Infrastructure and Innovation programs, and enhancing collaboration with national and international partners.

All life science faculties - Agriculture and Forestry, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Veterinary Medicine -  are participating in these activities and in this call.

HiLIFE Tenure Track Positions

The University of Helsinki tenure track system aims to increase the predictability, competitiveness, and attractiveness of academic career while promoting internationalisation at the University.  The goal is to attract the most talented, suitable and motivated individuals in an increasingly competitive environment. 

The HiLIFE Tenure Track positions are initially for three to five years with a possibility for extension or tenuring following successful evaluation. Initial contracts are made based on qualifications and experience and often for five years for international recruits to allow for accomodation. The positions are shared between HiLIFE and one of the participating faculties, where contracts are with HiLIFE during the tenuring periods and with one of the faculties when tenured. Recruitments can be made either as  Assistant or Associate Professors. Following the initial period Assistant Professor recruits are evaluated for Associate Professor positions and  Associate Professor recruits for tenured positions. 

Provisions on the degrees and other qualifications required for assistant professor

An appointee to the position of assistant professor in the tenure track system shall hold a doctoral degree, have the ability to conduct independent scholarly work and have the teaching skills necessary for the position. In addition, applicants for assistant professorships shall demonstrate their ability and motivation for an academic career through publications and other means. 
When considering applicants’ qualifications, account shall be taken not only of their research work and teaching qualifications, but also of their success in obtaining external research funding, international research experience and other international experience.
To successfully attend to the duties of the position, the appointee must have good English skills. Although according to the Finnish Government Decree on Universities, assistant/assistant professors must be proficient in Finnish and have skills in Swedish, foreign citizens, non-native Finnish citizens or citizens who have not been educated in Finnish or Swedish can be exempted from this requirement without a separate application.