First NCA Members se­lec­ted

The Neuroscience Center Associate (NCA) Member Program aims to foster collaboration locally with faculties and organizations with an interest in neuroscience at the University of Helsinki. The program provides researchers at the University of Helsinki co-affiliation to Neuroscience Center (NC) with strategic competitive research support for collaboration between NC and other top-level neuroscience research carried out across the life science campuses. The ten NCA members have been selected for the first 3-year round of the new program.


The selected NCA Members are Mikko Airavaara (Laboratory of Brain Repair), Jaan-Olle Andressoo (Translational Neuroscience Laboratory), Iiris Hovatta (Neurogenomics Laboratory), Kai Kaila (Laboratory of Neurobiology), Sari Lauri (Synaptic Plasticity and Development Lab), Juha Saarikangas (Cellular Individuality), Tomi Taira (Synaptic Plasticity and Neuronal Synchronization,)  Henna Tyynismaa (Medical Neurogenetics Group), Sampsa Vanhatalo (Baby Brain Activity Center), and Anu Wartiovaara (Mitochondrial Medicine Lab).


Altogether 28 eligible applications were received by the NCA Member call deadline in October 2018. Fifteen applicants were shortlisted after review by a minimum of three members of the Nomination Committee. The final selection of the ten NCA Members was made by the NC SAB by December 12 2018 and was based on recent scientific excellence, impact and potential.