Funding the commercialisation of research

Where can one find the funds for commercialising research? The most important ideas often arise during long-term basic research. Because the commercial value of such ideas depends on how well they meet market demand, interaction with companies and other partners is vital. This is where we can help you – you do not have to do everything on your own.
Preparation for research commercialisation requires funding

When preparing to commercialise an invention, additional research and testing, as well as intellectual property right (IPR) protection, are often the key. Business Finland's Research to Business funding instrument, which is open for applications twice a year, offers preparatory funding for commercialising the results of academic research.

General information about the funding instrument can be found on Business Finland's website.

The objectives of a Business Finland Research to Business funded project include among other things:

  • the identification of the target market for the idea or invention, and
  • the verification of its commercial viability with, for example, a prototype or pilot.

Compared to many other forms of funding, Research to Business funding enables testing the applicability of, and interest in, the idea or invention within an industry or business context in a comparatively risk-free manner before the product or service takes on its final form.

Contact us to hear more about commercialisation of research

Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd. as the technology transfer company of the University of Helsinki supports researchers to find funding for commercialisation of research.

Please contact us if you have any questions about commercialisation funding. We are here to support the commercialisation of University of Helsinki inventions.