Uute Scientific brings natural microbes to animal skin care products

The manufacturer of animal products FinnTar Oy brings a new product line containing Uute Scientific’s microbial extract to animals under its own Arctic Vet ™ trademark.

“This is a major opening for our company to expand our offering into a new product group. We are pleased that FinnTar Oy represents our raw material in the strongly growing animal skin care market,” says Kari Sinivuori, CEO of Uute Scientific Oy. Uute Scientific is a spinout-company from the University of Helsinki.

From research data to raw material

Uute Scientific Oy, which started on the basis of the ADELE project implemented in cooperation between the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, manufactures a microbial extract that corresponds to the rich microbial community composition found in a forest. The material is researched and safe to use. By adding material to everyday products, nature exposure can be brought into everyday life even when it is not possible in an urban environment, for example.

Urbanization has led to the prevalence of immune-mediated diseases in the population globally. Animals, just like humans, have migrated to cities, and have been distant from nature and its beneficial microbes. There are over a hundred different types of immune-mediated diseases such as asthma, allergies, or type 1 diabetes. In the EU alone, the cost of immune-mediated diseases is around € 100 billion a year, and they continue to grow as people move to more and more hygienic facilities. An active immune system, whether congenital or acquired, is also essential for the survival of an animal. Studies have shown that diverse microbial exposure protects humans and animals from autoimmune diseases and ailments. In practice, versatile microbial exposure means daily contact with nature.

Totally new product line from raw material

According to Kirsi Suhonen, CEO of FinnTar Oy, the decisive factor for the start of the cooperation was the innovative raw material that could be easily exported to animal products and the existing, researched information. "With this ingredient, we are also making rapid progress in the export market, because there is a demand for conceptualized products containing pure and active Finnish raw materials."

“As soon as we heard about the ongoing ADELE Prevall baby study, we found that this invention can also be exported to animal skin care products. Our pets also suffer from a lack of resistance. More and more dogs live in urban conditions, which means that reduced resistance and allergies are commonplace for our pets as well,” Suhonen adds.

Uute Scientific Oy was established according to the rules and processes of commercialization used at the University of Helsinki. The company's trademark is Reconnecting Nature ™.  Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), a university-owned company, has helped researchers commercialize innovations.

FinnTar Oy is a Finnish company specializing in animal skin care. Products are organic and domestic. The company's trademark is Arctic Vet ™.

More information

Kari Sinivuori, Uute Scientific Oy

kari.sinivuori@uutescientific.com, +358 50 386 0444


Kirsi Suhonen, FinnTar Oy

kirsi@arcticvet.com, + 358 40 563 3473