The University of Helsinki starts partnering with Ximbio in life sciences

The aim of the collaboration is to help university researchers commercialize their research tools and reagents and make them available to the global scientific community.

Ximbio, which is part of the technology transfer team within Cancer Research UK, is the world's largest non-profit partner dedicated to life science research reagents of all kinds such as cell lines, antibodies, mouse models, proteins, small molecules, microbial strains, etc.

Thus, Ximbio reduces requirement of time and resources as well as eases the administrative burden for researchers when distributing research tools. In the partnership Ximbio is responsible for the production, marketing and distribution of the reagents. Financial returns from commercialized reagents are shared with University of Helsinki and inventors. Ximbio’s share is fed directly back to CRUK to continue investment in cancer research.

Reagents are always linked to the originating inventor and institution at Ximbio’s website

UH collaboration with Ximbio is managed via Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), which is a fully owned subsidiary of UH. UH distributes inventors’ share of income according to the commercialization policy.

Why use Ximbio?

  • Make your reagents available to the global life science community
  • Ximbio stores and protects your reagents
  • Ximbio manufactures and reproduces your reagents and delivers finished products to the end user or licensee
  • Ximbio’s extensive infrastructure saves time and provides added resources to HIS
  • Ximbio is a non-profit, so our missions are aligned 

How to use Ximbio?

This is a great opportunity to participate in the YOUR IDEA 2020 campaign: for the first 200 Invention or idea disclosure notifications submitted during the campaign period, 6 April 2020–5 April 2021, inventor will receive a €300 reward. If the notification is submitted by more than one person, the reward will be €500, and it will be evenly shared with all those participating in the notification.

For more information and assistance, please be in contact with HIS: