Edtech startup HEI Schools raises €2 million in series A funding to bring Finland's renowned early education model worldwide

The new financing allows the company to accelerate the growth of the digital offering of curriculum programs and teacher training to reach millions across the globe

Award-winning, research-based early education concept, HEI Schools, has announced that it has  completed a 2 million Euro Series A round of financing. The financing was co-led by Practica Capital and Tesi, Finnish Industry Investment.  

HEI Schools, which was founded 2015 together with the University of Helsinki, one of the world´s top universities in educational sciences, is a pioneer in providing a unique Finnish brand of research-based  early education globally. The company is offering a premium learning center concept, an easy-to-use digital  curriculum platform and pedagogical tools for educational operators and teachers outside of Finland to use.

Milla Kokko, CEO and Co-founder of HEI Schools says: “This is a great milestone for HEI Schools. The  market of early childhood education is developing fast towards a more professional approach: from offering babysitting services to actual early learning. With new investors on board, we can enable this approach to  serve more and more families around the world. We are not trying to “export” Finnish society or even the  educational system as such, but the deep knowhow and methods about how children learn. Our job is to enable local teachers and center operators to implement the methods in their own culture and environment  with great tools and continuing online training.” 

14 HEI Schools learning centers, operated by local entrepreneurs, are open already in China, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Finland. In addition to current markets, 16 new HEI  Schools centers are opening during 2021 also in the USA, Canada, Kuwait and Thailand. More than 40 schools are subscribing the digital curriculum model and over 200 teachers from 30 different countries are  onboarded at the teacher certificate program. 

“HEI Schools’ impressive growth and large customer base of premium learning centres around the world,  as well as the fast-growing number of users in digital resources were key proof points of the value of its  concept. We’re excited to be part of its growth story in leveraging technology to upskill early years  professionals and bring progressive and valuable education to children at their most receptive, “ says  Arvydas Bložė, Investment Director at Practica Capital.

HEI Schools’ Finnish education model is based on holistic development and wellbeing, without  compromising academic skills. The idea that learning is not limited to a classroom plays a vital role in  children's strengths, interests, social interactions and peer relationships. Paying close attention to children's social-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive growth, the HEI Schools curriculum supports children to  be active agents in their own learning and development so that they learn to love learning. 

“The market opportunity for HEI Schools is to bring its resources to millions through digital growth. We are very happy to be part of this financing round which enables HEI Schools to scale its offering globally  even further. We share the same ambition with the HEI Schools team and Practica Capital of creating a  world-class company out of Finland, while driving significant positive impact through wider access to high  quality early education” tells Juha Lehtola, Director of VC Investments at Tesi.

A mission-driven company, HEI Schools strives to provide the most current, research-based early education  curriculum to children all over the world in order to give them the highest-quality education possible.

Lasse Lipponen, co-founder of HEI Schools and Professor of Early Childhood Education at the  University of Helsinki, concludes “Childhood is a period of life when everything is possible. It is a period  full of learning opportunities and when all the core developmental changes take place. At HEI Schools, it is  our mission and commitment to support every child to reach his or her full potential – without limits and  without excuses.”

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