Unicorner – Slush 2021 Side Event
Science-based innovations and spinouts have the proven potential to become hugely successful businesses that truly change the world – as well as the future of those who believed and invested in them early on.
Welcome to Unicorner – where science makes business bloom

University of Helsinki and Helsinki Innovation Services host a world-class side event that will be held at Think Corner in downtown Helsinki on the first evening of Slush. In the event, we break out twelve inspiring science cases and share insights on how to make research-based innovations flourish. See all our innovations at Slush 2021.

The keynote speech for Unicorner will be given by Dr. Ling Ge, the Chief European Representative at Tencent. She leads the company’s efforts in Europe, focusing on strategic investment and partnerships with technology startups, universities, government, and industry around Europe.

The event will be hosted by Ms. Annika Damström. The actual program starts at 5:30 pm. We serve food and drinks for our guests from 5 to 8 p.m

For safety: Please read the information on the special arrangements at Think Corner due to the corona pandemic.

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