Technologies available for licensing

Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd has a range of technologies available for licensing arising from research conducted at the University of Helsinki.

Intellectual property rights originating from the University of Helsinki, including patented technologies, software, copyright, data, designs and know-how, can be commercialised under a licence from Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd.

These technologies provide opportunities to develop new and improved products, processes, or services, thereby allowing companies to gain a significant competitive advantage.

We will help throughout the licensing process
  • We support our licensees in the management of the patenting process and monitoring of reporting and compliance.
  • Our licence portfolio extends into every technology sector.
  • We have extensive experience in negotiating licence agreements that are appropriate for the commercial requirements as well as the relevant technology.

Please get in touch if you:

  • would like to find out more about a particular technology,
  • are interested in learning more about existing patents,
  • want to stay informed about a specific area of interest,
  • are an investor and are considering investment into any of the technologies.

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