TeamFluent enhances teamwork skills together with its business customers

TeamFluent Oy, a spinout company established to commercialise the dLearn.Helsinki research project, has been operating for a little over a year. A solution for the development of teamwork skills based on that project as well as research in educational sciences and psychology has now been further developed on the basis of feedback from business customers.

The solution developed by TeamFluent has already been trialled by several significant business operators, including Mehiläinen, Lidl Suomi, DNA and Vincit. In fact, the development team has made a number of changes to its implementation plans for the current year on the basis of feedback collected from customers. 

CEO Jukka Rautiainen is pleased with how well the new solution has been received.

“It’s been great to see that businesses have joined in despite the pandemic, even though the change in priorities and the lack of resources brought about by the pandemic have been clearly evident in some sectors. Like all startups, we have found the praise and criticism as well as new ideas and wishes for development received from customers extremely valuable,” Rautiainen says.

Tools are needed for the transformation of professional life

The transformation of professional life accelerated by the pandemic has clearly also promoted digitalisation in terms of the tools available to teams. According to Rautiainen, the majority of new solutions are focused on the modernisation of information management and internal communication channels of teams, not so much on the development of team activities with regard to behaviour. 

“The most important career skills of the future are largely social. Indeed, businesses are giving a lot of thought to how to support teams in developing their interaction and collaboration skills. The importance of a team culture that highlights psychological security, diversity and inclusivity will continue to grow further. These are precisely the areas that TeamFluent focuses on, and there are not many similar online tools available on the market. Of course, team-specific training is an effective service, but in terms of price it cannot be scaled to support all teams,” Rautiainen notes.

“Collaboration, interaction and problem-solving skills are needed at all levels of education and professional life, and learning them is not a given. These skills can be acquired, but it takes long-term practice in actual study and work situations together with others. TeamFluent supports precisely this kind of learning, specifically taking into account the goals and circumstances of individuals and teams,” says Professor Auli Toom.

Toom works at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences and Centre for University Teaching and Learning. TeamFluent Oy has its origins in the dLearn.Helsinki project headed by Toom.

The work continues

This year, TeamFluent has been selected for and participated in, among others, the KIUAS and New Nordic Leads startup accelerators. In addition, the company will attend the SLUSH event in early December. The company has launched a funding round and invites interested investors to get in touch. The search for new piloting partners also continues alongside development efforts.


No well-functioning research-based tools for the development of teamwork skills at different levels of education and professional life have been available. 


The dLearn.Helsinki project led to the establishment of TeamFluent, a new spinout company founded on science and research whose solution, developed in the dLearn.Helsinki project, can be used to improve teamwork skills in both the private and public sectors as well as different levels of education. 

Key factors

• Activities can be developed collaboratively from the perspective of teams  

• Can be used in the public sector, different levels of education and businesses 

• Development with a multidisciplinary approach: specialists in education, psychology and computer science involved 

Business activities

The University of Helsinki Funds is providing funds for the new company, whose clients include relatively large businesses, team coaches and consultants as well as the education and teaching sectors. 

The application developed in the dLearn.Helsinki project has been piloted in several businesses, educational institutions and other public organisations. 

Join us

We are looking for collaboration partners and funders active in the private and education sectors, who will benefit the most from smooth teamwork and an application designed for the development of teamwork skills.

TeamFluent website

Contact persons

Jukka Rautiainen, CEO, TeamFluent Oy,, +358 40 570 4768