HIS Innovation Training

The transfer of technology and knowledge from academic institutions to the business world drives societal development and innovation. HIS Innovation Training supports University of Helsinki researchers to develop the necessary mindset and skills to succeed in commercialising their scientific discoveries. The training is a free service for the entire University of Helsinki research community.
Book your innovation trainer to advance your research commercialisation skills

HIS staff can be booked on demand to inform and educate University of Helsinki researchers and support staff on all aspects of the research commercialisation process which is based on the University’s invention guidelines.

Our innovation trainers are happy to attend, organize and give educational training sessions as part of events organized by faculties or institutes, research program units, centres of excellence, flagship programs, principle investigator meetings, postdoc clubs and associations, or any other organizational unit at the University of Helsinki.

The content of HIS innovation training sessions will be created according to the demand and needs of the event host and can cover any of the following topics:

  • Commercialisation and innovation services at the University of Helsinki
  • Invention guidelines and the overall research commercialisation process at the University
  • Invention disclosure process
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection
  • Licensing and sale of IP
  • Commercialisation funding
  • Spinout creation

Get in touch with us via email to book and further discuss the content of your HIS Innovation Training session.