Kollegium Talks

Kollegium Talks is a discussion series hosted by the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS) at Think Corner of the University of Helsinki. In each Kollegium Talks event, Helsinki Collegium fellows or alumni discuss a topic that connects their research interests and opens fresh perspectives to the humanities and social sciences and to the world we live in.
Kollegium Talks: How can history inform current gender politics and policy?
Kollegium Talks 2021: What's a language error?
Kollegium Talks 2021: Demo­cratic Polit­ics in Post-Com­mun­ist Europe
Kollegium Talks 2021: Is Another Europe Possible After All?
Kollegium Talks 2021: Thinking Extinction w. Christine Daigle & Xin Liu
Kollegium Talks 2020: Ethics of Collaboration
Kollegium Talks 2020: Ethics of Research Design