Twenty new fellows selected to the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

13 new Core Fellows, two Postdoctoral Fellows in the Arts and visiting fellows for the Erik Allardt and Kone Foundation Fellowship programs will begin their terms at HCAS during the next academic year.

Out of some 300 applications to HCAS in the fall 2020 fellowship call, 13 researchers were selected to the Core Fellowship Program for terms ranging from one to three years. The HCAS Core Fellowship Program offers researchers the opportunity to concentrate on their research projects without administrative duties and encourages interdisciplinary cooperation between scholars working in different fields of study. 

Two postdoctoral artists funded by the Kone Foundation will join the Collegium in August 2021. The Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts Program promotes new forms of dialogue between art and scholarship. In addition to being practicing artists, all HCAS Art Fellows hold PhDs and take part in the weekly Fellows' Seminar where the HCAS Fellows present their research projects. 

Furthermore, HCAS will host visiting fellows participating in the Erik Allardt Fellowship program, which promotes academic exchange between Sweden and Finland, and in the Kone Foundation Fellowship program for Baltic, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian scholars. 

The next call for the Core Fellowship and the Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts will open on 16 August and close on 9 September 2021.


Core Fellows:


Keith Brown, Research Director

Field of research: Antropology, ethnology, folklore

Project title: Democratic Alternatives: Oral History, Civil Society and the Practices of

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021 - 15.8.2022


Charlotte Epstein, University Researcher

Field of research: Political Sciences

Project title: Decolonising Political Action

Fellowship period: 1.1.2022 - 15.8.2023


Sean Griffin, University Researcher

Field of research: Theology and religious studies

Project title: The Sacred Reign of Vladimir Putin: Orthodoxy, Media, and the Politics of

Fellowship period: 15.8.2022 - 14.8.2024


Ted Hopf, Research Director

Field of research: Political sciences

Project title: A Constructivist History of Khrushchev's Cold War, 1958-1964

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021 - 15.8.2022


Robert Mason, Research Director

Field of research: History and archaeology

Project title: The politics of the gender gap in voting: the United States in comparative
perspective, c. 1968–c. 2000

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021 - 15.8.2022


Kati Nieminen, Postdoctoral Researcher

Field of research: Social sciences

Project title: Appropriated narratives of resistance

Fellowship period: 1.9.2021 - 31.7.2024


Lilian O'Brien, University Researcher

Field of research: Philosophy

Project title: The Committed Mind

Fellowship period: 1.9.2021 - 31.7.2023


Heikki Patomäki, Research Director

Field of research: Political sciences

Project title: World Statehood: The Future of World Politics

Fellowship period: 1.1.2022 - 31.12.2022


Anat Pick, Research Director

Field of research: Arts, literature, musicology

Project title: Simone Weil and Cinema: Looking, Eating, Letting Be

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021 - 15.8.2022


Herman Schwartz, Research Director

Field of research: Political sciences

Project title: Money is the Root of All Power: Can US Dollar Dominance Continue?

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021 - 15.8.2022


Tero Toivanen, Postdoctoral Researcher

Field of research: Social sciences

Project title: The Climate of the Far Right – Ideological and Materialist Articulations of
Environmentalism in the Finnish and European Far Right

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021 - 15.8.2024


Svetlana Vetchinnikova, Postdoctoral Researcher

Field of research: Linguistics and philology

Project title: Language at the individual level: a radical usage-based approach

Fellowship period: 1.9.2021 - 31.7.2024


Soile Ylivuori, Postdoctoral Researcher

Field of research: History and archaeology

Project title: Electrifying Bodies: Electric Medicine, Gender, and Knowledge in the British
Atlantic World, c.1740-1800

Fellowship period: 1.9.2021 - 31.7.2024


Kone Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts:


Ayesha Hameed

Project title: Land Line

Fellowship period: 16.8.2021-15.8.2022


Angela Moreno

Projet title‘Comic Prose’: blending Japanese manga techniques and prose writing as a creative publishing alternative to traditional industry standards

Fellowship period: Fall 2021


Kone Foundation Fellows:


Anastasia Fedotova

Project title: Red deer and Russian aristocracy in the long 19th century

Fellowship period: 23.8.-22.12.2021

Current affiliation: St. Petersburg branch of the Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Science


Urmas Sutrop

Project title: What motives make a narrative a Snow White fairy tale (type ATU 709) and which colours do different versions of the tale contain?

Fellowship period: 23.8.-22.12.2021

Current affiliation: University of Tartu


Denys Teptiuk

Project title: Perspective shift via sensitive referential devices in reported speech constructions of Finno-Ugric languages

Fellowship period: 23.8.-22.12.2021

Current affiliation: University of Tartu


Erik Allardt Fellows:


Maria Kuteeva

Project title: A Bakhtinian analysis of struggles over language in multilingual university settings

Fellowship period: 23.8.-22.12.2021

Current affiliation: Stockholm University


Stefan Gelfgren

Project title: Why do Christian churches build congregations online – or not?

Fellowship period: 17.1.-16.6.2022

Current affiliation: Umeå university


More information:

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