Staff wellbeing at the Helsinki Collegium remains high according to the latest university-wide survey

The University of Helsinki conducted a workplace wellbeing survey among its staff in September–October 2021. According to the results of the biennial survey, the employees of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS) are very satisfied with their working environment.

In comparison with the University norm, the Collegium employees report a significantly higher agreement with the statements “no negative competition between individuals exists in our unit” (HCAS: 4.79 / University norm: 3.89; maximum score: 5) and “we discuss difficult matters and we also work them out” (4.40/3.89). HCAS Fellows also feel valued in their work community (4.71/3.98).

The most negative results concerned the strategic leadership at the university level. For instance, the support of the university’s structures in the achievement of the employees’ goals (2.69/3.08) or the employees’ ability to influence the University’s decision-making through existing channels of influence (2.77/2.69) were estimated to be relatively weak.

The response rate at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies was again among the highest of all units at the University of Helsinki, 80 %. The survey was conducted simultaneously at all Finnish universities by the staffing services company Eezy Flow.


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Kaisa Kaakinen, Research Coordinator, kaisa.kaakinen[AT]