New Kone Foundation Fellows selected to the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

The Kone Foundation Fellowship at HCAS targets Baltic, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian scholars, who come to the Helsinki Collegium for one or two semesters to work on their research projects.

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies will welcome nine new Kone Foundation Fellows in 2022. The number is higher than usually, as Kone Foundation granted additional funding for the program in March 2022 to support researchers who are no longer able work in their home country due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.


The Kone Foundation Fellows selected in the Fall 2021 Call:


Eve Eisenschmidt (Tallinn University): Building Flexible Learning Paths for basic schools in Estonia implementing phenomenon-based learning – school level opportunities and challenges

Irina Golovacheva: Anti-Todorov: Theories of the Fantastic Reassessed

Benjamin Klasche (Tallinn University): Decolonizing International Relations: A Global IR Theory Requires Global Knowledge


The Kone Foundation Fellows selected in the Spring 2022 Call for scholars affected by the war in Ukraine:


Anton Kotenko (independent scholar): National Territorialisation of Ukraine, 1860–1921

Sergei Medvedev (independent scholar): From Memory War to Hot War: Geopolitics of Nostalgia in Russia’s War in Ukraine

Danila Raskov (independent scholar): Cameralist Turn in the Northern Europe: the Birth of Police State and Political Economy

Anna Sokolova (independent scholar): On the Edge of Socialism: State Institutes and Everyday Life on the Late Soviet Periphery

Oleksiy Tolochko (Center for Kievan Rus’ Studies): Saints, Relics and Miracles in Medieval Rus

Nadia Zasanska (Ukrainian Catholic University): War as Spiritual Mission: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine in the Digital Space of the Russian Orthodox Church

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