New Fellows selected to the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

11 new Core Fellows, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts, and Kone Foundation Visiting Fellows, selected to HCAS in the latest fellowship calls, will begin their fellowship terms in 2024–2025. The Collegium also welcomes Helen Beebee as the new Jane and Aatos Erkko Visiting Professor for the next academic year.

Out of 328 applications in the fall 2023 Core Fellowship call, 11 researchers were selected to the Core Fellowship Program for terms ranging from one to three years. The HCAS Core Fellowship Program offers researchers the opportunity to concentrate on their research projects without administrative duties and encourages interdisciplinary cooperation between scholars working in different fields of study. 

The Collegium selected Jaison Waite as the new Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts. The Kone Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts promotes new forms of dialogue between art and scholarship. In addition to being practicing artists, all HCAS Art Fellows hold PhDs and take part in the weekly Fellows' Seminar where the HCAS Fellows present their research projects. 

HCAS will also welcome Helen Beebee, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds, as the new Jane and Aatos Erkko Visiting Professor in Studies on Contemporary Society for the 2024–2025 academic year.

Furthermore, HCAS will host visiting fellows participating in the Kone Foundation Fellowship program for Baltic, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian scholars.

The next calls for the Core Fellowship and the Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts will open in mid-August 2024 and close in mid-September 2024. You may find more information on the instructions for applicants on the HCAS website.


Jane and Aatos Erkko Visiting Professor in Studies on Contemporary Society:


Helen Beebee (Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds)

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024 – 14.8.2025


Core Fellows:


Peter Arkadiev

Field of research: Linguistics

Current affiliation: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Project title: Complex Morphology and Narrative Structure: A View from the Northwest Caucasian Languages

Fellowship period: 1.12.2024–30.11.2026


Bill Bell

Field of research: English literature

Current affiliation: Cardiff University

Project title: Utopian Things: The ulterior lives of objects from Thomas More to the present

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024–14.8.2025


Patryk Dziurosz-Serafinowicz

Field of research: Philosophy

Current affiliation: University of Gdańsk

Project title: Observation Selection Effects in Data Gathering

Fellowship period: 1.12.2024–30.11.2026


Annastina Kallius

Field of research: Social anthropology

Current affiliation: University of Helsinki

Project title: Counter-Enlightenment in the 2020s? Foundations of Illiberal Political Philosophy

Fellowship period: 15.1.2025–14.1.2028


William King

Field of research: International history

Current affiliation: German Historical Institute

Project title: Petitioning the European Community

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024–14.8.2026


Julia Lajus

Field of research: History of science

Current affiliation: Columbia University

Project title: Ice and Fish in the Warming Arctic Ocean

Fellowship period: 15.8.2025–14.8.2027


Janne Mattila

Field of research: Islamic studies

Current affiliation: University of Helsinki

Project title: The Formation of Islamic Virtues

Fellowship period: 1.9.2024–31.8.2026


Emma Polyakov

Field of research: Theology and religious studies

Current affiliation: Merrimack College

Project title: The Idea of the Holy Land: Interreligious Contestation and the Construction of Sacred Space

Fellowship period: 1.9.2024–31.8.2026


Jitka Stollova

Field of research: Literature

Current affiliation: University of Cambridge

Project title: Vaclav Havel’s Plays: European Heritage

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024–14.8.2027


Tim Stuart-Buttle

Field of research: History

Current affiliation: University of York

Project title: Gratitude and Grace in Early Modern Political Thought (Hobbes)

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024–14.8.2025


Satu Venäläinen

Field of research: Social psychology

Current affiliation: University of Jyväskylä

Project title: Affective Dynamics of Contemporary Digital Participation Around Divisive Issues

Fellowship period: 1.9.2024–31.8.2026


Kone Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts:


Jason Waite

Fields: Contemporary art history and theory, contemporary art

Current affiliation: Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford

Project title: Experimental Post-Disaster Interspecies Infrastructure in Fukushima

Fellowship period: 16.9.2024–15.9.2025


Kone Foundation Fellows:


Tatiana Kachkovskaia

Field of Research: Linguistics

Project title: Socially-Induced Variation in Intonation 

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024–14.8.2025

Peeter Selg

Field of Research: Political Science

Current affiliation: Tallinn University

Project title: Beyond wickedness: a relational explanation of the loss of failure as the central problem in modern political theory and practice

Fellowship period: 15.8.2024–14.12.2024