DHH19 Organisation

Team leaders

(most team leaders are still not verified at this point in time)

Tanja Säily, postdoctoral researcher in historical sociolinguistics at the University of Helsinki

Tanja Säily


Jani Marjanen, postdoctoral researcher in history at the University of Helsinki (specializing in eighteenth and nineteenth-century patriotism, the theory and method of conceptual history, and the development of public discourse)

Jani Marjanen

General data team

A dedicated data team will provide computational help to different groups if necessary and they will help to co-ordinate different computational tasks during the hackathon. The people in this team will be named later.

Overall organisers

Mikko Tolonen, assistant professor in computational history at the University of Helsinki

Mikko Tolonen


Eetu Mäkelä, assistant professor in human sciences  computing interaction at the University of Helsinki

Eetu Mäkelä (small)


Jukka Suomela, assistant professor in distributed algorithms, logic and complexity at Aalto University

Jukka Suomela


Jouni Tuominen, coordinating researcher at the University of Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities

Tanja Säily