Feedback Admin Staff 2015


Here are some answers from the ISEW Academic Affairs 2014 participants to our question:

The reasons for choosing the University of Helsinki / Finland?

  • The University of Helsinki has an excellent reputation for high quality education around the world. Also the University celebrates its 375th Anniversary this year. The ISEW programme attracted me a lot since the beginning because the opportunity of spending a working host day related to my main tasks was offered.
  • Highly recommended by colleagues who have previously attended an Erasmus week at the University of Helsinki. The organised programme was very appealing.

What was the best experience / event during the ISEW  in Helsinki?

  • An opportunity to exchange talks, ideas during the whole week. To see how work is organised at another university, in another country. It's and experience that no one can mesure, I guess.
  • Host department exchange visit at Research Funding Service was very useful and fruitful for my daily work at university. Also an excellent talk on research activities at Biomedicum Center was held. The quick Finnish course and above all the challenge of singing an old melody in Finnish!! All people got to know at once and a friendship atmosphere was established.

Any other comments you wish to make?

  • I came back to my university with a renewed knowledge through benchmarking good practices on research sector to undertake new challenges.
  • These five days in Helsinki gave me an impression how the idea of the European Community can work well: People from various countries, committed employees with strong interest and a professional approach, come together to exchange information and attitudes in a peaceful and fair manner. 

The welcome lunch is about to begin at the Teachers Lounge.


Chancellor welcomed the ISEW-group.



The ISEW-group was eager to learn Finnish and they sang a Finnish folk song at the end of the lesson.



The Finnish Dinner was well deserved after the Host Department Day. The restaurant was at walking distance from Töölö Towers.



The Evening Special at Nuuksio Natural Park. The Sauna is situated by a little lake.



After the sauna the dinner was served by open fire in a Sami-kota.



Farewell lunch at the Restaurant Kappeli. Each participant received the certificate after lunch.