Feedback, Academic Affairs 2014

Here are some answers from the ISEW Academic Affairs 2014 participants to our question:

The reasons for choosing the University of Helsinki / Finland?

    Specific focus on internationalisation. University of Helsinki is a partner University. The week could be expected as being well organised and not just being a "touristic" programme.
    I wanted to understand how embedded internationalization was implemented at the U. of Helsinky and till what extend my home university could benefit.
    Because UH are pioneers in embedded internationalisation and I wanted to learn more about that model.

What was the best experience during the ISEW Academic Affair s2014 in Helsinki?

    The level of organization combined with hospitality and kindness made me feel amazed and deeply touched! As a program I really enjoyed the cooking evening and (after the first shock) the traditional Finnish sauna as well!
    The visit to a department of your choice was most beneficial. I also really enjoyed the social activities such as the sauna, cooking session and international welcome evening.
    Besides what I have learned from your University, the best experience was the contact with all the colleagues. For me, the best event was the "Finnish Cooking"
    We have all had an overwhelming experience from the beggining to the end. Everything has been very well organised and planned. We have felt at our easy from the very beggining. The ISEW-team is brilliant doing their work and they are excelent professionals. I have had one of my best experiences in my whole life. You are all an example of motivation at work.

Any other comments you wish to make?

    I learnt a lot about your university and Finnish culture and I really enjoyed the week. Your programme was a great balance between business and pleasure and encouraged a strong bond within the group.
    Thank you for a wonderful week, I met so many people and had such a great experience, it will definitely make a difference to the way we work in the future.
    I thank all our hosts which have made this week possible, a week I will never forget. The way they organized everything it really impressed me and all the participants. I am happy I had the chance to take part to the best International Week ever!!!!!