Feedback 2013

Here are some answers from the previous ISEW-2013 participants to our question:

The reasons for choosing the University of Helsinki / Finland?

    UH is one of the few universities that organises specifically for administrative staff such international experiences. And of course the Finns the best hosts in europe.
    A very enthusiastic personal recommendation. The excellent results of Finnish education. The high status of the University of Helsinki.
    The ISEW website itself was invitingly concise and the feedback provided from former participants implied it would be a good experience. They were wrong of course, it was great.

What was the best experience during the ISEW 13 in Helsinki?

    The intensity of the discussions and the analysis of the experience we made in our host department on the other day first in small groups and then at the round table./The wonderful afternoon with the whole group on Wednesday.
    ISEW facilitated perfectly in establishing contact with colleagues from different countries. Accessible and efficient. I appreciated very much the time that the colleagues of the central administration took for us.
    Personally: the cultural afternoon of forest exploration and a traditional sauna experience and evening meal. A magical day I will never forget. Profesionally: the excellent and inspiring day with my host department.

Any other comments you wish to make?

    Yes: I am already envious of the participants of ISEW 2014!"
    "… I would certainly recommned an ISEW week in Helsinki to my colleagues. I would also recommend Finland as a great holiday destination."