Feedback 2012

Here are some answers from the ISEW 2012 participants to our question:

The reasons for choosing the University of Helsinki / Finland?

    "I was attracted by the programme as it was geared towards support staff from any area and offered the opportunity to network with colleagues from many other European universities. I was also interested in visiting Finland."
    "I chose it because it was open to many different profiles, and as an IT staff, I could choose the department I wanted to visit.  Once chosen,  I talked with a man that had been there from my University also and had very nice memories.  I also wanted to visit a Finnish university because according to the Pisa report, Finnish education is considered the best one."

What was the best experience during the ISEW 12 in Helsinki?

    "I was so impressed with the hospitality and to see how well the week was organised to meet the networking and benchmarking objectives and learning about the culture and the food. The accommodation was perfect and accessible and the travel pass was a real bonus. A lot of thought went in the planning and organising."
    "Everybody very welcoming and ready to help and give every kind of information I asked for. No evasive answers. Very open and self-critical. On top was our day on Uunisaari: very good lecturers and much informal information exchange afterwards."
    "I enjoyed a lot the Finnish class, and the Mölkky game,  it was really funny. The departments day was also a great experience so we could see our colleagues doing almost the same that we do at home but in a different way."

Any other comments you wish to make?

    "I learned a lot, not only about Finland, but also about other countries from the other participants."
    "If I have to convince a student to study abroad, Finland and the University of Helsinki will be first choice. Thank you very much for your hospitality. Finland will be for my family one of our next travel destinations."