Science and research alone cannot solve sustainability challenges - we need cooperation across sectors of society

The University of Helsinki’s Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS is organising Sustainability Science Days 2018, 16–17 May, Finland’s biggest event in the field, bringing together the academic community and interest groups to investigate sustainability issues.

Sustainability Science Days 2018´s programme features interesting talks and workshops to offer participants new perspectives on sustainability science. The events are also an excellent opportunity to network with people who work on sustainability issues.

Sustainable development and sustainability science

Finland has committed to the UN’s sustainability goals for 2030 (Agenda 2030). To reach the goals, countries must take determined action and seek the best possible solutions on all levels and in all sectors of society. Internationally speaking, sustainability science is a relatively new and rapidly developing field of research, which studies and seeks solutions for the complex problems surrounding sustainability.

Research in sustainability science aims to increase understanding of the nature of sustainability issues and generate alternatives to solve related problems.

The long-term goal of the research is to promote a comprehensive transformation towards a society that operates within the boundaries of natural resources and enables equal welfare for current and coming generations.

Close cooperation with different sectors of society

A defining characteristic of sustainability science is close cooperation with other sectors of society in both identifying sustainability challenges and generating potential solutions. In addition to new research information and practical solutions, the approach enables a learning process which is considered necessary to achieve significant social change.

Locally and globally sustainable solutions are being sought in cooperation with other institutions and companies. The research involves the co-design of research and co-creation of information.

Come to Sustainability Science Days to hear more about the co-creation of information and research, carbon-neutral cities, issues of the global south and alternatives for more sustainable consumption.

The event on Wednesday, 16 May, is in Finnish and is being organised at the University of Helsinki’s Think Corner. The programme on Thursday, 17 May, will continue in English in the Small Hall of the University of Helsinki Main Building. 

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