Professor Antti Kupiainen was awarded the The Henri Poincaré Prize

Professor Antti Kupiainen was awarded the most important prize in mathematical physics, The Henri Poincaré Prize.

Antti Kupiainen is honored for his pioneering contributions to quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, and fluid dynamics which beautifully blend together renormalization group methods with probabilistic and geometric ideas.

The Henri Poincaré Prize is awarded every three years at the International Mathematical Physics Congress. The 21st International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP) will take place in Strasbourg, France, July 1st to July 6th 2024

“The mathematical physics research community has been my academic home since my PhD and I am therefore particularly pleased to receive this recognition”, says Antti Kupiainen. 

He retired from his professorship at the University two years ago but has since continued his research with funding from the European Research Council and the Academy of Finland, which allows him to recruit PhD students and postdoctoral researchers and to collaborate with his French colleagues. 

“With them I have been working for several years on a research project aimed at mathematical understanding of conformal field theories that describe the physics of phase transitions. There is plenty to explore here for several more years”, says Kupiainen.