Opening: Postdoctoral researcher in SAT, constraints, optimization, explainable & verified AI

The Constraint Reasoning and Optimization Group led by Matt Järvisalo at the University of Helsinki has openings for postdoctoral researchers and exceptional PhD candidates

The Constraint Reasoning and Optimization Group (CoReO) led by Prof. Matti Järvisalo at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland, has openings for postdoctoral researchers (and potentially also for exceptional PhD candidates). 

Broadly speaking, we are looking for people with research experience and background in one or more of the following (or related) areas:

-Declarative approaches, including SAT, SMT, QBF, CP, or ASP

-MaxSAT, MIP, soft constraints

-Declarative optimization, combinatorial optimization

-Symbolic reasoning

-Model counting (exact/approximate)

-Knowledge compilation

-Explainable AI

-Probabilistic graphical models

-Formal verification

-Complexity of reasoning

-Parameterized algorithms

The positions are funded by two major research grants by Adacemy of Finland titled "Declarative Boolean Optimization: Pushing the Envelope" (2019-2023) and "Symbolic Reasoning for Formally Verified and Explainable AI" (2020-2022).

Salaries are competitive e.g. on the European scale.

For the postdoc positions, an early-career track record in PhD research is expected, proven by publications in internationally recognized key publications venues and potentially by implementations of declarative solvers. Expertise in partical solver development, application-oriented studies, and theoretical analysis is equally appreciated.

Helsinki is a great city to work and live in

and is the capital of Finland, a country that has a strong track record in general well-being, equality, and quality of life:

Finland is a modern, safe, and technologically advanced country, and a member of the EU and the eurozone.

To apply for the position, please contact Matti via email ( with your CV, publication list, and a short motivation letter explaining your background, research experience and interests, and motivations for applying for the position. Similarly, contact Matti by email in case you have further questions on the positions.

Review of applications will start immediately, and the position(s) will remain open until filled.